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Pharmacist Recruiter

Third party pharmacist recruiters work for a placement agency as independent contractors. They serve as a middleman in communication between client companies and candidates that are looking for work. A pharmacist recruiter specializes in the client relationship and finding candidates, for placement in jobs ranging from permanent, full-time, direct-hire, or contract positions.

There are some distinct advantages in using a pharmacist recruiter in order to staff your pharmacy agency. Simply put, they know what they are doing. Pharmacy recruiters have the skills and knowledge to find the best possible candidates for your company. These recruitment agencies give you the opportunity to reach a much wider candidate pool than you would if you were searching for an employee on your own. Also, a relationship can be formed with the pharmacist recruiter, allowing you to work with them for other placements in the future. They will come to know your business and be a useful tool in getting the best employees that you can find. Recruiters are also useful if you are on a specific timetable, as they will be more likely to find a candidate quickly than you would have been able to on your own.

HCC Pharmacy Staffing is such a pharmacist recruiting company that will work with you to find the best employees possible for your business. Contact us today to find out more!

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